Jessabelle Diddle

A fiddler with folly


Jessabelle Diddle: Tabaxi Bard

Alignment: Chaotic Something

Tools: Fiddle, Finger Cymbals, Hurdy-Gurdy, Herbalism kit.

Expertise: Deception & Performance


Jessabelle Diddle; native of the Nazca jungle, soon became a favourite in the taverns playing her fiddle: Folly, and playing the crowds. Occasionally though, her songs could be excessively rebellious and upset the wrong person. This dictated that she oft moved on before long.

Diddle uses harshly struck magical notes and tones on her fiddle to disable and befuddle the enemy. In this way she can affect some semblance of control over a chaotic battlefield.

It is known that Diddle prepares a mean campfire curry, bringing her knowledge (and stash) of fiery jungle seeds and molten pastes with her. She also knows other herbal remedies which leave her companions spirit-dancing all night. Her expensive drink of choice is Delirium Brandy, which she obsesses over, and will do almost anything to get her paws on another bottle.

Unbeknownst to her, Diddle’s life and actions will one day inspire a scrying bard from a different time and place to compose a legendary limerick about her….


Jessabelle Diddle

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