Lord Tanalas

High Elf Lord of Shallal


A High Elf Lord who commands Shallal’s armies. He spent his youth and adolescence adventuring through the lands of Joltan and Visinoth prior to settling in Shallal approximately fifty years ago. He used his wealth and tactical experience to quickly become the leader of the militia and later all of the armed forces under Shallal’s banner.

One of the most famous battles that he won was against the army of Q’Roth which encroached on the north-western most marches of Shallal twenty years past. This was the battle that saw him become general of the armed forces. He fought back several assassins sent to kill him (which succeeded in murdering his predecessor) before turning the Q’Rothi armies flank against itself through a series of well timed ambushes before routing them in the valleys south of Hashim

He has strong connections within the Mifune and Kemper Guilds. As well as being an uncanny general he is a fierce fighter. He wields a Firebrand and wears Adamantine platemail. Some also say that he has magical powers.

One of the longest serving council members openly against the Yd cracking down on the Adbahr but has taken advantages of having unrest in Shallal

Publicly frustrated at Shallal’s lack of action against Hashim’s raids on the northern most armies he is looking for adventurers to make contact with the Sand Blades.

Lord Tanalas

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