Odin Stonehammer

The dwarf who put Strahd in a headlock and won.


STR 14
DEX 12
CON 16
INT 10
CHA 15

AC 19
HP 95

Sword of arganvost, greatsword (6 to hit 2d64 dmg)

In a combat encounter, Odin will choose to grapple the most threatening opponent to allow allies to deal a killing blow.
3 supieriority die, as a 5th level fighter
Pushing attack
Tripping attack
Goading attack


After re-materialising in Mundus after the death of Strahd, Odin lost his connection to his magical powers. He donated most of his share of the wealth gained in Barovia to the church of the light. The only item he kept from his travels were a lucky rock and the greatsword of Arganvost (because it’s great). This was given under the condition that the legacy of the knights of Arganvost should be re-instated.

After taking time to re-instate the knights of Arganvost, he resumed his quest to search for his brother. He was last seen striding alone into the wilderness with a his sword strapped to his back looking for his brother, accompanied by 3 members of the order.

Odin Stonehammer

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