The Icon of the path of Tempered Will, Guide to Ascension through Struggle, Keeper of the Forge of Souls, Guardian of Aspiration


Warforged Cleric (Forge domain)


Tarroq was a creation of Kannarkaroth: one of the lost civilisations whose ruins adorn the desert of Joltan. The order responsible espoused a philosophy of strength through adversity and triumph over danger and hardship – with parallels drawn to the way metal is tempered on the anvil of a smith. The little writing that remains decipherable on the temple walls speaks of an “Age of Heroes”, but whether this was part of the temple’s history, or its ultimate purpose is obscure.
Tarroq’s purpose was to be a guide and ally to the beings on this path: incapable of ascension itself, it would remain to aid generations of aspirants.

What actually happened to Kannarkaroth is unknown. Tarroq’s own memory is unreliable: it simply remembers that fewer and fewer people attended the church until none but it remained. The temple began to deteriorate with time and with no one to guide, Tarroq slept through the ages until it was finally awakened by Bassult Bulder trying to loot his head.

At first glance, Tarroq looks like a human wearing all-enclosing, inscribed brass armour in a loose robe. Upon a more careful observation its warforged nature becomes clear: Tarroq’s eyes glow like a banked forge and the gaps in the plates that cover it reveal the underlying stone.
Tarroq is relentlessly optimistic: always urging its companions into risky situations and heroics in order to better themselves. Nevertheless it takes its role as a guardian of budding heroes seriously, and wades into combat with them to keep them alive for their next trial.


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