The Oligarchs

The Oligarchs of Hashim


Each of the Oligarchs is an NPC Noble with 5 levels (Hit dice included) in whichever PC class seems appropriate (Bard, Fighter, Sorcerer. In addition modify statline to include racial bonuses Charisma 18 for each of them (unless already higher) and proficiencies in insight + one social skill; persuasion, intimidation or deception (GM choice). In public they are never without at least a dozen NPC guards/bandits/thugs.


There are nine Oligarchs who call Hashim their home. Each of them is vastly wealthy and each controls areas of trade or businesses within the region however despite open competition between each of them is ultimately subservient to the Kromarch.

Cendris; The Slaver – Human Male – Cruel, ruthless and ostentatious. He controls the slave trade within Hashim’s borders. Arguably the most powerful of the Oligarchs he is a recent addition from Q’Roth having displaced the previous slave master who’s head now mounts his Palce’s tallest spire. What the rest of the Oligarch’s do about this remains to be seen and most call him “The upstart” behind his back. Known to mark slaves with a magical brand.

Alae; The Masque – Human Female – Glamorous but reclusive. She has recently fallen on difficult times with the downturn in the silk trade which she controls. Most say that she hasn’t been the same ever since her last visit to the Silk hives in the north where she has become ever more reclusive. Has an additional home north of the River Wyvern. Generally she is only seen at a distance during public festivals.

Sarin; The Chef – Human Male – Handsome, generous but also covetous. When the Oligarch’s took over Hashim Sarin won the pick of the trades amongst them, choosing the spice trade seemed the most obvious option but with the upturn in slavery is struggling to keep pace with the other Oligarchs. Openly known to covet Cendris position. Many believe he has extreme debts to Victis which if called in would ruin him completely.

Elair; The Rider – High Elf Female – Narcissitic, ill tempered but also a peerless rider. she controls the Steed trade. Currently frustrated by the lancers lack of progress against the insurgency of the Halflings of the Hime Lowlands which is stymieing the steed trade. She cannot burn the Halflings out of the land as she wishes due to the Lowlands being the best grazing area in the whole of Hashim. Has an honorary position as a Captain of the Lancers.

Unton; The Whoremonger – Mountain Dwarf Female – Matronly, comfortable but also a schemer. She controls all of the brothels within and without of the city walls. She seems to know all the secrets and pressure points for blackmail and runs a network of spies within her organisation. She presents with a matronly air but has been known to have a vicious temper. Has an unreciprocated soft spot for Sobran. Has recently made several visits to the political prison “The Worm that turned”

Sobran; The Guard – Dragonborn Male – Vicious but also well disciplined with a keenly strategic mind it is he who runs the many prisons of Hashim, posts guards to the catacombs under the Citadel . Currently obssesed with tracking down the Sandblades. Also has a position as the General of the armed forces of Hashim however he is hated by the Lancers as he doesn’t ride a horse or a Griffon.

Victis; The Glutton – Human Male – Gregarious, garrulous but gone to seed, he owns the Taverns within the settlements in the region including the most lucrative ones within Hashim’s inner walls. Known to throw regular opulent and indulgent masquerades. Once known as quite the ladies man.

Bliz; The Auctioneer – Gnome Female – Intelligent, calculating but also grandiose. She and her team of Gnomish accountants run The Grand Auction houses of Hashim and control the marketplaces. The second richest after Cendris. Takes a cut from the rest of the Oligarchs in exchange for her services. Also controls the Hashim mint

The Oligarchs

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