A map of Kemper City, capital of Kemper and seat of the guild.

Money is the be all and end all for this House. They are excellent accountants and have business connections with even the smallest settlements.
Ruled by noble families but money trumps blood everytime with Kemper so those in control of the guild can change with ease.
Titles are usually self given and seem to have little rhyme nor reason beyond whatever the person currently in charge thought sounded interesting.

Countess Emmanuel rules and is generally considered a fair governor though ruthless in business and Kemper as a guild and island is properous for the most part.

The city of Kemper on the island of Kemper is the only major population centre though many farms exist around the island too.
Things of note in the city include

  • The Kemper Zoo, one of the largest of it’s kind filled with all many of beasts, though no-one has seen Grif the Griffin for a while now.
  • The Minotaur Statue. The reasons for it’s existence are lost but many students will go to the park it is situated in solely to rub the balls of the minotaur which is supposed to give good luck.
  • Gilmore’s Glorious Goods. A large store filled with everything from postcards and trinkets to armour and weapons. Gilmore is a delightful, friendly, larger than life fellow.
  • Jamesons. Totally sketchy purveyor of alchemical fluids. A small, dingy room off a dark backstreet is littered with unlabeled vials and bottles of all sizes. Jameson is a grumpy halfling with a rep for selling anything for the right price.

Very recently the Countess has suffered a little indirect embarrassment as a favoured niece of hers has involved herself in a scandal involving a dead Baron. His son Baron Eberhardt von Dammenblatz, originally from Kemper but now working for the Mifune guild, has accused the niece, Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz of witchcraft and murder. Most on Kemper are not even that concerned with Maria-Ulrike’s guilt or not and are more worried that this is a powerplay on the part of Mifune to destabilise some of Kemper’s hold on Mondus Cosmicus. A trial by combat was declared and to many peoples surprise an unknown champion for Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz won the fight, amidst some claims from both sides of cheating, and Mifune’s grab for political clout was foiled.


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