Mathraki Wastes

The Mathraki Wastes

There are very few well-trodden paths out into the deserts of Joltan. From Hashim there is a reasonably well known series of landmarks to follow that will eventually lead one to the town of Torch, and that path has been journeyed enough that one might just make out previous wanderer’s tracks.
Miss any of those tracks or landmarks though, and the land will almost certainly swallow one up.


Far beyond the Searing Cliffs lies a rock hard, baked area of land known as the Scale Fields. Here, the earth is so dry that it has cracked open into many shapes and patterns resembling the scales of a lizard. Were anyone stubborn, or senseless enough to cross these vast fields, they might eventually come across an area known as the Mathraki Wastes. These wastes lie deep, and very few have set eyes upon them and lived to tell the tale. The Mathraki Wastes are about as far from civilisation as one can get. Even the Thri-Kreen avoid travelling through here. Ancient scarred, tentacled behemoths lie dormant beneath its surface, waiting for maybe hundreds of years to latch on to victims that cross the surface. The driest desert sands, and a never-ending squall erode and carve new canyons over time. When two or more of these squalls meet, they combine into what is known as The Hin’ari:


A vast and mighty sandstorm hundreds of miles across that rages with the power that only nature could birth. Whirlwinds, dust storms and lightning storms combine to create a monster. The Hin’ari is both a sight to behold but also not one that anyone should ever lay eyes upon.

This is a place of death, of devastation and misery deep within the harshest and most barren sands. These are the Mathraki Wastes. And why would anyone ever wish to journey here….


Mathraki Wastes

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