Nazca Jungle

Nazca is a region on the eastern continent of Joltan.

Lying on its southwest pincer, the Nazca Jungle consumes all. The mighty Ancash River flows through most of Nazca dividing into thousands of smaller tributaries until the rainforest eventually engulfs everything. Ancient vine-ridden temples occasionally spring up in isolated areas. Isolationist tribes of humanoids live in this land: Savage Halflings, the mysterious Mantid, the enigmatic Tabaxi, emotionless Lizardfolk, and every reptile and scaled, poisonous creature you can imagine. Nazca is rich with herbal remedies, but also fraught with dangerous infested waters.

Up until now, there has been an unofficial peace, a neutrality between the intelligent races of this wild land. However the recent rapid rise and aggressive expansion of the snake people (Yuan-Ti) has thrown chaos into the dynamics. Where did they suddenly come from? What are their true intentions?

Nuc, a powerful Halfling shaman who unofficially protects much of Nazca, has brought it upon himself to try and strengthen already tenuous treaties with the other races. Tribal Halfling clans have traditionally been more prevalent here than any other race, but the Yuan-Ti it seems, are now outnumbering all….

Other humanoids do live here mostly on the outskirts or along the Ancash River. Villages and small towns have sprung up here and there. It is difficult to expand in Nazca due to the wild resilience of the jungle itself. Almost all long distance travel in Nazca is easier by river-junk. Explorers, adventurers, cartographers and those who simply wish to disappear come here.

Chanchamayo – A Tabaxi village in the heart of the Nazca
Tantamayo – A town in the heart of the Nazca. Unofficial Tabaxi capital
Arequipa – A small humanoid town with a large river dock and plenty of taverns, runs a lot of river trade in and out of Nazca. Most populous humanoids include Humans, Halflings (both savage and civilised) and Kenku. Here in this wild town, you can find many a drunk river-junk captain who will take your coin and take you exploring the hundreds of miles and hundreds of tributaries of the Ancash River.


Other notable small towns or large villages within the vast Nazca Jungle include: Quillabamba, Pozuzo, and Iquito.

Nazca Jungle

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