Q’Roth lies north of Shallal in the arid desert region of Joltan.
A dangerous city filled with wild magic and ruled by the Magisters of Q’Roth it is not well known outside of Joltan as travel in and out is strictly controlled, though it has a thriving slave trade so rumours get around.
Though no mere commoner has access to magic the area is infused with arcane energy though it is thought the Magisters have warped the power out of recognition.


Trouble seems to always be brewing, rebellions against the Magisters and slavers always bubbling, threatening to boil over.
More recently the Magisters have taken to acts of great spectacle to keep it’s populace in thrall. Gladiatorial death matches and games, often featuring unwilling participants have kept the population in balance of late but gossip spreads of a burgeoning movement, perhaps with connections to the Albahr from Shallal, whose aim is to free the people and stop the horrors perpetuated by the ruling elite.

Trouble did indeed brew and recent events have the city in upheaval as various rebel groups working under a loose alliance struck against the Magisters overturning their rule. But who is in charge now? Where is the Grand Magister, who appeared to escape in the chaos?

A song has struck a chord with the citizenry coined by one of the last adventurers to go through The Magister’s cruel games –
“How can you be so cruel?
under a bald man’s rule.
Come on now make a fuss,
You have to rescue us!”


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