The Delvers Guild

Who really understands the purposes of The Delvers Guild?
It has offices in every major city but seems beholden to no-one.

Often the offices are derelict or locked up tight, getting appointments on your terms is next to impossible. But they wield much power in the world and have been known to help out lowly adventurers with great magic. However governments and royalty alike cannot understand why they give aid to those clearing out a basement of rats but do nothing to stop war or famine

Even to those for whom dungeon delving and adventuring is a calling or duty The Guild is capricious and unreliable. One moment teleporting a thief across continents the next letting a great hero die alone.

Some do not even believe they exist at all, and are simply a superstition. Uttered in blame or prayer as if they were gods but no self respecting cleric or paladin would hold to this.

At level three player characters gain a mark/tattoo somewhere on their body (often an arm) that radiates a slight magical energy that anyone viewing it recognises as a delver’s mark. It can be designed as unique by the player themself.
It also confers a slight mechanical bonus depending on which guild currently has the most favour in the world.

Kemper – advantage on rolls to do with haggling or finding items to purchase.
Mifune –
Linnaitus –
Alia –
Casticartus -

The Delvers Guild

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