Ebenezer "Sneeze" Strivsley

Second-Story Half-man


Halfling (Lightfoot), Rogue (Thief)


Sneeze, as he is known as to friends and colleagues, had a bad lot in early life. His father, Horace Strivsley, earned a living as a professional adventurer – spending months on end away from the family only to return with riches, scars and stories. After leaving with a group of fellow travellers searching for a treasure only known as “the Big Whoop”, he and the group never returned, save for one hired henchmen, delirious with terror, who died soon after.
Now Sneeze’s mother, Arabella Strivsley, nee Panksible, was the sole breadwinner for the family of two, and Sneeze had to go out to search for paying work. He fell in with a bad crowd, finally ending with a group of cracksmen, a gang that specialised in burglary of the well-to-do.

Sneeze, a little ashamed of what his natural talent was, entry into the second-story of buildings, left his mother with some gold and left the family home.
However, a few years later found the gang having targeted unwisely, and made an enemy of a merchant that would pursue them doggedly, far beyond the cost of what they had lifted from his warehouses. Sneeze deposited the last of his savings to his unknowing mother and took to the first boat leaving the continent. His climbing skills paid his way, earning his keep in the riggings of the ship.

Ebenezer "Sneeze" Strivsley

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