The Crew of the Bluebottle

Definately not pirates,sailing the western ports of Visnoth.


The bluebottle uses the stats for a sailing ship on page 119 of the DMG and has a mounted ballista at the prow.

The ship will have between 20-25 basic crew members at any time. The majority of whom will be human. Use the stat blocks for bandits/thugs.


The bluebottle is under the command of Damian Thrask, a human with a big beard, a big personality and a tricorn hat. He’s currently having trouble with a criminal organisation known as the black hand who make it difficult for him to stay in any port for too long.
Other notable members of the crew are Yathak, the barbarian bard; Fjoki the dwarven tinkerer; Hock, the half-orc chef and Jelop, the gnomish acrobat.

If players wish to travel to the cursed isles, the bluebottle is one of the few ships to go there and return safely having done so on 2 seperate occasions.

The Crew of the Bluebottle

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