The Kromarch

The Lord of Hashim


Reputedly an entrepreneur of many faces. No one in Hashim has seen the Kromarch in nearly five years. To begin with he was quite heavily involved in the redesign and rebuilding of Hashim. Centuries of neglect had seen the city despite its wealth fall on hard times. With Bliz he built the great auction houses and drew up plans for the grand markets around them. He helped redistribute the economy until all taxes flowed to him and his companions. Then suddenly five years ago after one festival he withdrew into The Citadel and closed its doors to but a select few and the Oligarchs.

Diktats still come out of the Citadel and even though some of them do not make sense to even the most scrutinising of minds the gold keeps flowing even at the expense of the people and the Lancers reputation. The orders are all signed sealed and stamped with the Kromarch’s seal so they are not questioned. A beautiful Half-Elf courtesan brings the orders and announces them at steps of the Grand Temple.

Some whisper dark things about the Lord of Hashim, although usually not for long because despite his reclusiveness his eyes and ears appear to be everywhere and blades are easily brought as they are sunk into unsuspecting backs…

Some rumours say that The Kromarch delved deep beneath The Citadel and met his fate there, all know of the dangers of the catacombs and the ever vigilant guards that are posted outside of them. Others say that the other Oligarchs were envious of his wealth and command banded together and murdered him, the Half Elf now acting as their proxy. Quieter still are the whispers that The Kromarch never even existed in the first place and that the Oligarchs each took turns to play him in public. There are hundreds of wilder rumours also on top of these, that he’s a polymorphed dragon, he’s a simulacrum animated by the lower plains, that a doppelgänger has taken his place. All that is known for sure is that in the last five years, since his public withdrawal, Hashim has become much more economically and militarily aggressive towards Shallal and its local neighbours.

The Kromarch

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