D&D Legacy


I guess it doesn’t matter how much the flying ruin is worth because everybody else wants to keep it and fix the place up. I just have a bad feeling about it. Whenever I sleep there I’m always worried it’s going to fall out of the sky. Or get attacked by dragons or something. Not to mention I’d rather sleep in a bed in a warm inn and some company than in a tent. I guess if they do fix it up it might not be too bad. But I still kind of hope somebody offers to buy me out.
But I guess I’ll worry about that later. We left Hobrir and headed towards a town called Teraton’s Spring to try and get some better prices for our stuff. It kind of worked out. The town itself was a bit poorer then we expected. And full of Las Elves so I wasn’t so popular. But that also meant I got plenty of people happy to bet against me in one of the fighting dens. I came out of that pretty well but then spent it all on partying but what else is money for. Made a couple of new friends too.
We met a homeless Dwarf there called Orek who’d found some lost mine. He’d taken a look inside planning to stake a claim but got attacked by some dwarf ghost thing and ran for it. Spotted a delvers mark on one of us and asked us to help clear the mine out in exchange for equal shares of whatever we found there. Given we needed the money and had nothing better to do it seemed worth a look at least. We could always run if things went bad.
Saw our first dwarf ghosts once we’d got inside the living area. I’d never heard this before but turns out that dwarfs have some kind of curse. I mean they all like gold right? But turns out if they get too greedy for it then they turn into these weird chalky ghosts. That’s Glitterdoom.
So we fought then for a bit. Tavas got clawed a few times which did something nasty to her. Drying her out like the desert bleaching bones or something. Which meant I had to take the lead cos they hadn’t laid a finger on me. There were a few more ghosts in there and this horrible maggot man thing but nothing we couldn’t handle – oh except for those ghosts hiding behind a locked door and shooting crossbows at us. But we just pushed a table over the arrow holes and left them to it.
Turns out the Glitterdoom was caused probably by their priest who’d changed his god from I guess a nice one to a god of greed and misers. And he was still alive in the actual mine workings itself along with bunch of grubs that followed him round. That was too close for me. The grubs were pretty dangerous and the priest kept casting spells on us. But he wasn’t that good at it and after I rushed him Tavas managed to shoot him down. We had to collapse the mine to stop loads more of those grub things getting us and that was it.
But we actually got some money! We found some gold nuggets along with some rocks that Orek said had more gold in them that we could get out. But that we’d either have to pay somebody or find him some tools. And he had a plan for that. As well as the mine which was now pretty useless with all those grubs inside he’d been looking for directions to another lost Dwarf place called Steelhand Hall and thought he’d found it. And he could get the gold out there if we wanted to help him some more.
So we’re on our way now to a city I’ve not heard of called Vokov. Orek is going to try and recruit a bunch more dwarfs to help him reclaim the hall as his home which will take a while and then I guess we’ll be helping him for a bit. But right now I’m looking forwards to being in a big city with some money to spend and indulging myself a little.



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