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Notable Flora of the Nazca Jungle

Aside from the poisons and disease ridden plants, aside from the thorn-traps and the mulch-engulfers and aside from the bog-blooms and the rasp-flayers, there are actually some very helpful and precious flora in the Nazca.

Smoking Hot Curry Plants
Taka-Taka: The veins of the Taka-Taka leaf turn into a fiery substance when cooked. An instant heat-sting, but subsides quickly
Shanshaboa Pods: Infuse in a dish for a slow building molten feel. Or crack open the pods and cook for a volcanic explosion.

Intoxicating Plants
Mapacho: The Mapacho leaf can be smoked in a long pipe resulting in inebriating effects.
Yage (yahee): Vine root either chewed or boiled.
Very strong hallucinogenic. Some tribes use it to gain visions, others to spirit dance all night long.

Medicinal Plants
Moon-vine: Ground and mashed, is one of the principle ingredients in a potion of healing, and is also a common magical component.
Murk-Berry: A plant that numbs the skin. Used either as a pain masker or also by younglings with pranks on their mind.

Eagle’s Nest: Very expensive. The tobacco of nobles and royalty. Rich Strawberry/Raspberry taste. Complements a Q’Roth liqueur.
Jade Moon: Fine tobacco leaves that leave a light vanilla aftertaste and complements a shot of Delirium Brandy.
Mapacho: See above.
Tonguebite: The common leaf. Dirt cheap and accessible anywhere and everywhere. Complements a watered or standard ale.
Winter’s Harvest: A festive tobacco spiced with cinnamon and sometimes cloves. Often shared out through times of celebration. Complements a mulled cider.

The Bedroot Tree: Opens up and offers a cavernous safe hole for adventurers or nomads under its trunk. What symbiosis, (if any) the tree gains from this relationship is so far unknown.

Tea leaves
Fashto: The Fashto leaf has a strong minty flavour that many people like to combine with sugar. This tea is drunk without milk. And is a mainly rural drink.
Mouscron: The Mouscron leaf has a nutty flavour to it and leaves the tongue feeling slightly oily. It is especially popular in Shallal and Hashim. More common in urban areas than rural.

herbal remedies

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