The Five Fingers

Five large islands off the south east coast of Visnoth. Each one is controlled by a different Guild or House, who struggle to control power across Mondus Cosmicus.
Their influence is felt most keenly in Visnoth but they have their fingers in most political and martial power systems across the world.
They may not be a world government but they try to act as if they are one and perhaps if they could manage to cohere as a whole instead of five infighting factions they would succeed in their ambitions. As is, smart cities and regions can play each finger off another and keep their influence to a manageable level.

Linnaitus. Known for their control over the arcane they prize learning and study and can be dismissive of those who gained magical power through other means.

Alia. They claim to be great lovers and patrons of the arts but it’s pretty much an open secret that they use this as cover for espionage activity.

Kemper. Money is the be all and end all for this House. They are excellent accountants and have business connections with even the smallest settlements.

Mifune. They have many mercenary parties under at least part control but have strict guidelines on how they are used in the world and are generally respected more than feared.

Casticartus. Preferring talk to action, they know exactly how powerful talk can be and have representatives in most city councils.

The Five Fingers

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